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The Center for Public Humanities is rooted in Messiah University’s collective devotion to the humanities and the desire to partner with our broader community in meaningful inquiry, conversation, and action. Quite simply, we are students, faculty, and community members discovering what it means to be fully present and dynamic partners in the most important civic and cultural conversations and issues of the 21st century.

Housed in Boyer Hall, the Center for Public Humanities advances Ernest L. Boyer’s Scholarship of Engagement that celebrates discovery, integration, and the sharing and application of knowledge.

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Humanities in Place is an open forum that bridges the gap between the Public Humanities Fellows of Messiah University and the world we want to engage. The Fellows aim to bring the humanities outside the confines of the classroom to interact specifically with Harrisburg within its local, national, and global context. Every Monday, we invite you to visit our site to read and respond to our newest content.

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