Undeniably Human

As our culture’s academic values shift in support of STEM fields, the humanities continue to lose funding and credibility at an alarming rate. Modern academia discredits the humanities because it does not offer a clear career path, as though understanding humanity as a masterpiece in and of itself is not a worthy enough endeavor. Although a plethora of jobs can be found and earned with a humanities degree, they just require a bit more digging.

We are all guilty of forgetting that the world we have today would not exist had individuals not dared to dream.  We see the world as a machine, because problems that are diagnosed and treated rather than tackled and confronted are systematic, rather than an unpredictable beast.

 We dare to see the world in a different light.

 When we reduce the world to nothing more than mechanics, we neglect its intrinsic beauty as a living, breathing organism that bore all of us as her children. The world gives us life, and we must give her ours.

 We are made of culture and beauty, but neglect to see the masterpieces staring us in the face, because we fear seeing things anew, because it might and must transform us irrevocably.

Those who pursue the humanities venture into the unknown, equipped only with an open mind. They will journey on to confront the problems the world deemed unsolvable, or not important enough to understand, and in return, we earn so much more than we can give to the communities around us.


Sarah Henry is a double major in English and Communications with a minor in Philosophy. She dreams of being a wedding photographer and opening a coffee shop that employs the victims of sex trafficking.


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