Poetry in Motion

With the velocity at which those pens flew and the concentration etched into those scholar’s faces, a casual passerby may have mistaken the room to be one filled with Ivy League undergrads.

The only tell left awry was the fact that they would not find collegiate students, but middle school kids from a local school, working away on the first floor of the Susquehanna Art Museum.

Poetry in Place is a quickly developing program that brings an awareness to the power of poetry and importance in Harrisburg’s middle schools.

I had the distinguished honor of hearing the discussions and poetry from some of the most intelligent and composed sixth and eighth graders I have ever met in my life.

They were able to bring to life amazing moments in Harrisburg’s history, while connecting it to relevant historical events occurring still today, through their own ingenuity and volition.

These kids demonstrated a painful awareness of how the color of their skin will impact the rest of their lives; it was chilling.

Still, their poems were filled with so much hope and inspiration that I was almost brought to tears. 
These kids give me hope.
 I know the future is safe in their hands.

And as one those brilliant young scholars wrote, “Now excuse me; I gotta go out and change the world.”


Sarah Henry: English, Communications, minor in Philosophy


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