Solidarity Is(n’t) Dead

Solidarity Is(n’t) Dead

They Say that Solidarity is Dead
And I wouldn’t disagree
It’s always been “us against them”
That’s blatantly clear to see –
“What about us” we chorus
“Stop killing us” we cry
“Black Lives Matter” we scream
“All Lives Matter” they reply

We exalt our concerns,
but they’re met with denial
Watching as they simultaneously
Take our music, slang and style –
They hate our skin, they hate our hair
but call it trendy when they stick it on someone fair
They “love the blacks” – just hate our behavior
The truth of the matter is there’s no separation,
No matter how we are, its our blackness you don’t favor

But this is no dig at one party,
Even our community perpetuates the ideals of the majority;
Forgetting themselves and their history,
All for a grab at second hand superiority
“It’s us against them” even between likeness
But God didn’t make us different for us to be like this

They say solidarity is dead,
But I believe in resurrection –
Only by joining together can we end racial affliction”
There’s strength in numbers –
But even greater in differences
Solidarity is powerful,
It combats the enemy’s interests

The enemy is not white;
The enemy is not brown

We’ve just allowed our hate to become so habitual
That we’ve forgotten that combatting it is completely spiritual   

Solidarity isn’t dead,
But it’s barely afloat –
If used correctly it could be racism’s antidote
Solidarity is not dead
I stand with that endeavor
We matter ya’ll – now and forever



Horacia Carryl is a sophomore Peace and Conflict Studies major and the Public Relations person for the Black Student Union.


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