Yearning, dissenting, striving
A freedom song among the cotton stocks
A harbor steeped in revolution
Patchwork hope along the tracks
of a perilous ride

Remembering, lamenting, achieving
From Yorktown’s final drumbeats
To barefoot children’s first steps
Arms of freedom reaching out
and drying paint on picket signs

Endurance, resilience, memory
Flowing verse from the lips of babes
Small blooms where once was death
Young lives preparing to face
a harsh world with pride

Arms linked in solidarity
Bodies of change with
souls emboldened by compassion
Finding unity
even in dissonance

Our strength is in our stories
In our refusal to forget
their existence
Our determination to move, to
speak, write, and bridge
the looming distance

The story of humanity
is a story of Resistance



Kaitlyn Coleman is a senior double major in History and English with a Public Relations minor. She joined the Student Fellows program because she was excited to connect interdisciplinary classroom learning with community engagement. Her projects for the Center have allowed her to merge her interests and pursue multifaceted experience beyond usual coursework. She hopes that her time completing projects for the Center and collaborating with and learning from both peers and community members will prepare her to pursue employment in the public history field following graduation


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