2021 Symposium

In 2020, the Center for Public Humanities had the remarkable opportunity to join “The Commonwealth Monument project,” a coalition of citizens, organizations, educators, and legislators dedicated to establishing a new bronze monument on the Pennsylvania State Capitol that honors Harrisburg’s rich African American history and pays tribute to the U.S. Constitution’s 15th and 19th amendments, which secured the vote for African Americans and for women.  The dedication of this new monument, “A Gathering at the Crossroads” (pictured above) took place against the backdrop of a global pandemic and protests that call us to recon with our nation’s legacies of slavery.  As this season of pandemic and protests continues, we are keenly aware, that depite the enfranchisements we gained 100 years ago, “freedom” continues to be one of the most cherished, contested, and elusive ideals of the American imagination. We are pleased to offer the Messiah University community and wider public the opportunity to engage in a robust, interdisciplinary conversation on freedom.

Below you will find several recordings of our virtual symposium sessions, which can also be found on our Facebook page and Youtube channel.

2021 Humanities Symposium presentation by Anastasia Couch
“The Daughters of the Confederacy and Lost Cause Narratives: How Their Influence Still Permeates the 21st Century Struggle for Freedom,” a presentation by Chloe Kaufman and Katie Heiser for 2021 Humanities Symposium: A Conversation on Freedom
“Critical Literacy, Community, and Freedom in the Narratives of Frederick Douglass and Anthony Ray Hinton” Lydia Pebly’s Pecha Kucha for 2021 Humanities Symposium: A Conversation on Freedom
Autumn Kritzer’s Pecha Kucha for 2021 Humanities Symposium; “A Conversation on Freedom”

A peach kulcha presentation by Amy DePretis for 2021 Humanities Symposium: A Conversation on Freedom.
A presentation by Haley Keener for 2021 Humanities Symposium: A Conversation on Freedom
Stephanie Stoltz’s Pecha Kucha presentation for 2021 Humanities Symposium: “A Conversation on Freedom”
Reflections on freedom by CPH Hoverter students enrolled in Dr. Charlene Lane’s “Social Inequalities” class.
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